Draw Your Food: An Interdisciplinary Workshop

This workshop engages all members of the BU community in thinking more deeply about the food they eat and its connection to culture, environment and marketplaces. How do you see your food? Do you think about its origins in the soil or personal memories it evokes? How can drawing our food make us more conscious of what we eat and what it means to us? Work with culinary illustrator to learn some basic techniques for drawing food while engaging in discussion with faculty from Nutrition, Gastronomy, and Arts Education about connections between art, health, culture, and perception. No art-making experience required. Food will be provided both as models and for eating.

Speaker(s): Megan Piontkowski
Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019 at 3:00pm until 5:00pm on Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019
BUild Lab (730 Commonwealth Avenue)
Open to General Public
Admission is free
More Info registration requested but not required
Gastronomy Program
Barbara Rotger
Boston University