Creating Believable Characters in Unbelievable Situations

The College of General Studies and the BU Arts Initiative are pleased to welcome award winning novelist, Charlie Jane Anders, for a writing workshop on Creating Believable Characters in Unbelievable Situations. Nowadays lot of the most interesting Science Fiction and literary fiction feature ludicrous and unreal situations—everyone from George Saunders to George R.R. Martin has some wild storylines where ordinary reality goes out the window. So how do you keep your characters feeling like people the reader could meet on the subway, while putting them in surreal worlds? We will discuss some ideas about how to write characters with believable inner lives and worlds, even when everything around them is coming unglued. Open to all BU students with registration.

Speaker(s): Charlie Jane Anders
Wednesday, Apr 3, 2019 at 1:00pm until 2:30pm on Wednesday, Apr 3, 2019
BUild Lab (730 Commonwealth Avenue)
Admission is free
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