Student-Faculty Forum: Politics in Arts, Arts in Politics

The arts are people’s expression of their dreams and fears, their creativity and aspirations, their aesthetic senses and values, but also their politics — their beliefs about who we are and how we should be as societies. And the arts have always provided means through which people can express their political views. In this BU Student-Faculty Forum, four professors from different arts disciplines offer perspectives based in their research and teaching and invite the BU community to join them in discussion and debate. Sean Desilets, Senior Lecturer, Kilachand Honors College, CAS Writing Program (Film) Miki Kaneda, Assistant Professor, Music, Musicology, & Ethnomusicology (CFA) Gregory Williams, Associate Professor, Department of Art & Architecture (CAS)

Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019 at 5:30pm until 8:00pm on Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019
Where Metcalf Ballroom, 775 Commonweatlh Ave. 2nd Flr
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Boston University