Artist Reception: Moments in Time Artworks by Nathan Bourque


Artist Reception: Moments in Time Artworks by Nathan Bourque


An artist reception with Nathan Bourque creator of the works in the collection Moments in Time. Come to the School of Theology Community Center to enjoy the art and hear Nathan Bourque talk about his life and work. Moments in Time “Moments in Time” is a collection of 23 of Nathan Bourque’s recent acrylic paintings. The show represents the intersection of time and space or the third level. As a mathematician, Nathan Bourque employs a type of repetitive code in many of his paintings. He is also enthralled with special volumes in many forms. Without making this equation more complicated than it needs to be, each painting is a moment in time for this artist and an expression of the intersection of both time and space in his mind. Nathan Bourque’s paintings are strikingly original and demonstrate an art with a unique honesty. Nathan is the progeny of artist parents. His first award was a Boston Globe art award received while in high school. The award was formative and cemented an interest in the arts that didn’t blossom until later in life. Today, as a 44 year old, he excels at painting geometric abstracts of various sizes and shapes along with very carefully considered layers of color. His very studied use of color is clearly a gift. Nathan says, “Art is my passion today. I am devoted to almost daily work in my studio. The act of conceptualizing my paintings takes me to a higher place and gives me a real high.” Nathan was a 21-year-old student at UMass Amherst when he fell from a third floor balcony and broke his neck. It was graduation day and the accident rendered him a quadriplegic. He went on to earn a Masters of Education degree and to teach math at Quincy College. Nathan was a semi-professional soccer goalie and had planned a career as a professional soccer player. That passion is still alive in him and he has also worked as an assistant soccer coach at UMass Boston and with the renowned Hingham High School Soccer Team. His art camouflages the fact that he has very little use of his arms and hands


5:30pm on Tuesday, February 19th 2019

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