Black/s and Jew/s Then and Now

When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel walked together during the 1965 March on Selma, they forged a bond between Blacks and Jews committed to the pursuit of racial justice and equal rights for all Americans. Today, in the renewed struggle for equality and the protection of minority rights, this common bond seems to have been frayed by mutual recrimination: Jews are asked to check their unacknowledged "white privilege;" Blacks are asked to check their unacknowledged "anti-Semitism." Is there room for "Jews of Color"? This panel discussion will unpack these issues and reflect on how minorities in the United States, and globally, advocate for equality and justice. Featuring: Former Mayor of Atlanta and U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young Dr. Susannah Heschel, Chair of Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College Yavilah McCoy, founder of the Ayecha Resource Organization and current CEO of Dimmensions, INC. Moderated by journalist Sonari Glinton (CAS '96)

Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019 at 8:00pm
Where Metcalf Ballroom, 775 Commonweatlh Ave. 2nd Flr
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Boston University