BUWG Lunch & Learn | Anatomical Gifts: Body Donation at BU

The BU body donation program has a profound impact on the experience of medical students, making the dissection experience much more personal, which is important for future physicians. The practicalities of body donation will also be discussed. The BU Anatomical Gifts program is one of the great unsung positive connections between BU and the greater Boston community.

Ann Zumwalt, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Anatomy and Neurobiology at the BU School of Medicine. She has directed cadaver-based gross anatomy at various institutions since 2003 and the medical gross anatomy course at BU for seven years. She is proud that her course emphasizes the clinical relevance of the anatomical content while simultaneously conveying a clear lesson of respect and gratitude for our donors. Her other professional interests include medical curricular design, training future educators, and studying the process of learning.

This event is free to Members. Registration required by April 19. BUWG Hosts: Olivera Vragovic and Suzanne Maselli

Speaker(s): Ann Zumwalt, PhD, Associate Professor in Anatomy and Neurobiology at BU School of Medicine
Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019 at 12:00pm until 1:30pm on Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019
Register by 4/19/2019.
BU School of Medicine, 72 East Concord St., L112 (Instructional Building, L112)
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