IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to R

R is the most powerful, rapidly developing, highly reliable, open source statistical language. It is widely used among statisticians for the development of statistical software and for data analysis. New features appear every few months. This tutorial introduces the R environment for statistical computing and will cover the following topics: operators and arithmetic operations atomic types, variable rules and built-in constants scalar and vector function overview working with data (workspace setup as well as reading, creating, exploring, and saving data) working with R data types (vectors, matrices, lists, data frames) working with script files installing and loading R extension packages and getting help overview of functions for data analysis After completing this tutorial you will: know the basics of the R environment. get a solid understanding of various data types and objects used in R. be able to create, load and analyze data. find appropriate functions and get necessary help and examples for these functions.

Monday, Jan 28, 2019 at 12:15pm until 2:15pm on Monday, Jan 28, 2019
Where 2 Cummington Mall; Room 107
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Boston University