MTV's Shuga: An HIV/AIDS Soap Opera in Kenya


MTV's Shuga: An HIV/AIDS Soap Opera in Kenya


The BU Medical Campus will host a one-episode screening of Shuga, part of a new campaign from MTV that addresses HIV/AIDS in the lives of young people in Kenya. Doors will open at 5:00 with an introduction by Georgia Arnold, Director of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation. The evening will focus on the Shuga campaign, one component of the larger MTV initiative on HIV/AIDS. A 22-minute screening of Shuga will be followed by a discussion generated by audience members and supplemented by a panel consisting of social communications experts, clinical advocates, and MTV’s Georgia Arnold. As a unifying theme, we will also consider the challenges in coordinating outreach like Shuga with the availability of clinical care, pharmaceuticals, and other services.


5:00pm on Thursday, April 21st 2011

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