University Events

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Tuesday, November 19
3:00 Create Space
6:30 Visiting Artist: Matt Saunders
8:00 Guest Artists: Splinter Reed
Wednesday, November 20
6:00 Refugee Stories and American Greatness
6:00 Screening of "When Patients Heal You"
6:30 Song Literature Class Recital
6:30 String: A New Musical
8:00 Boston University Symphony Orchestra
8:00 Sargent Choice Test Kitchen
Thursday, November 21
5:00 Exhibition Panel Discussion: Boston's Hidden Sacred Spaces in Conversation
5:00 Flavors of Anatolia, With Didem Hosgel
6:00 Incarceration Film Series Screening
6:00 Late Night Listens
6:30 String: A New Musical
7:30 ‘the smuggler’ by Ronán Noone
8:00 Boston University Wind Ensemble
Friday, November 22
12:00 CURA Colloquium: Rewriting Religion, Reinventing Gender in Monique Wittig's Les Guérillères
6:00 Inner Strength Gospel Choir Fall Concert
8:00 String: A New Musical
8:00 Student Composer Concert
8:00 ‘the smuggler’ by Ronán Noone