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Friday, January 31
12:00 In Wilderness Is the Preservation of the World: Photography by Dan Wells
9:30 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to Perl, Part Three
10:00 Weekly Meditation Group
11:00 Belonging Cafe
11:00 PhD Candidate, Sylvia Herbert, University of California, Berkeley, presents her lecture Safe Real-World Autonomy in Uncertain and Unstructured Environments
12:00 CURA Colloquium: "Sanctuary Syndrome"
12:00 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Python for Data Analysis
12:00 Imperial Terroir: Toward a Queer Molecular Ecology of Colonial Masculinities
12:30 FitRock Boulder Competition
1:00 Internship Insights: STEM, Research & Healthcare
2:00 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Analysis of Large Datasets Using R’s Data.table
2:30 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Programming in R
3:00 AAUW StartSmart Salary Negotiation Workshop
3:00 CISE Seminar: Stavros Tripakis, Northeastern University
3:00 Coffee & Conversation: What Does MLK’s Legacy Mean, Really?
3:00 MSE Colloquium Series Speaker Alejo Lifschitz
5:00 Shabbat With Dean Elmore in Honor of the New Howard Thurman Center: Peace and Love
6:00 Policy Leaders Forum: Amb. Martha Bárcena Coqui
6:00 Women's Ice Hockey vs. Vermont
6:30 Little Women, the Musical
7:00 Cinematheque BU Presents: An Evening With Maureen Bharoocha
8:00 Liquid Fun Presents Susan T. Anthony's