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Friday, November 22
8:30 Culturally Responsive Teaching: Inviting Student Voice
10:00 Men's Swimming and Diving - Terrier Invitational
10:00 Women's Swimming and Diving - Terrier Invitational
10:30 ECE Colloquium Speaker - Olivier Gravrand
11:00 MechE Fall Seminar Series | Distinguished Lecture | Ken Carter
12:00 CURA Colloquium: Rewriting Religion, Reinventing Gender in Monique Wittig's Les Guérillères
12:00 Dissertation Defense Seminar: Molly Braun
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:00 Gather: A Global Cooking Demo & Discussion
12:00 Idelson Memorial Lecture: “The Bioethics of Germline Gene Editing: Worth the Global Outcry?”
12:30 BUCPUA Faculty Meeting
2:00 CRC GSR Workshop #2: Data Collection & Analysis
3:00 CISE Talk: David Lindell, PhD Candidate, Stanford University
4:00 Dept. Colloquium- Dominic Lopes
5:00 BU Global Film Series (China): SU Zhou He (Suzhou River)
5:00 Incubating The Mirror: An International Education Week Event, Featuring Music, Poetry and Modern Greek Students' Performance
6:00 Inner Strength Gospel Choir Fall Concert
6:30 Dear Abbeys Winter Show
6:30 Men's Ice Hockey vs. Vermont
8:00 String: A New Musical
8:00 Student Composer Concert
8:00 ‘the smuggler’ by Ronán Noone