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Friday, November 15
Shabbat Across BU
8:00 Statistics and the Life Sciences: Creating a Healthier World
10:00 Department of History of Art and Architecture Book Sale
11:00 BU Student Flu Clinic
11:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Andrew Trlica
12:00 Beyond the Headlines: Energy Security in the EU
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:30 Dissertation Defense Seminar: Tessa Cressey
12:30 Pulitzer Center Global Health Reporting Fellowship Info Session
1:00 CPHS- Identity, Individuality, & Kinds in Biology
1:00 Identity, Individuality & Kinds in Biology
1:00 Identity, Individuality, & Kinds in Biology
1:00 Industry Afternoon: Nonprofit & Social Impact
1:00 Time Management Workshop
2:00 MechE PhD Prospectus Defense: Aldair Gongora
3:00 CISE Seminar: Henry Lam, Columbia University
3:00 Coffee & Conversation
3:00 MSE Colloquium Series Speaker Ilija Zeljkovic
4:00 BU Ethics Seminar: Daniel Fogal
4:00 Greek Philosophy Workshop
4:30 11.11 Festival
4:30 Peace Corps Stories on Teaching Math and Science in Liberia
5:00 Oregon BUSSW on Wheels Dinner (Portland, OR)
5:00 The Radical 'Possibilities' of Black Studies
5:30 Masterclass with CEO of Flighthouse
6:00 PRLab: PRoBono
6:00 Painting In The Spirit
6:00 Women's Ice Hockey vs. Boston College
6:30 Men's Ice Hockey vs. UMass Amherst
8:00 BUCCF Movie Night
8:00 ‘the smuggler’ by Ronán Noone