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Wednesday, October 30
10:00 BU Sec Seminar: "FHE in the RAM Model"
11:00 Classroom + Career: Drop-In Hours
11:00 Free Candy With BU Birthright
12:00 Candlelight Vigil For Black Lives
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:20 Archaeology Seminar Series: “Reconstructing a Hellenistic Temple at Tel Dor”
12:30 Guide-Star Atelier Session
1:00 Center for Early Music: “A Thousand and One Tablatures”
1:00 Open Office Hours
2:45 Wed@HIC: Meet Our Fellows Series
3:30 Indigenous Archaeology and Community Engaged Research in the Americas panel
4:00 Benedict Lecture: Means and Ends of Swaraj
4:00 From Aspiration to Engagement: The Moral Logic of the Bodhisattva Path
4:00 Robert P. Benedict Lectures in the History of Political Philosophy: Lecture 3: Means and Ends of Swaraj
5:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
5:00 Tea Around the World
5:00 The Sung Cinema of the Maxakali People – A Presentation by Charles Bicalho
5:30 Boston in Russian Culture: A Conversation
5:30 Power to the Profession: The Future of Early Childhood Education and Care
6:00 Benedict Lecture: Reception
6:00 Student Discovery Seminar – Horror & Sci-Fi
6:00 Talk and Demonstration Performance of Shamisen, Japanese Instrument.
6:00 “High Anxiety: Appropriation and the Creative Imagination” A Lecture by Robert Boyers
7:00 Professional Development Workshop Series: Biographies and CVs
8:00 Time's Arrow New Music Ensemble