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Sunday, October 27
9:45 Morning Study Group
10:30 The Europeans
10:35 Take Note
11:00 Mercedes-Benz Student Experience Day
11:00 Sunday Interdenominational Worship Service
11:50 Children's Education
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:30 Abolitionist Chapel Today
12:30 Thurman Choir Rehearsal
1:00 Chicago BUSSW on Wheels Brunch
1:00 Femina Shakes: Measure for Measure
1:00 Field Hockey vs. UMass
2:00 Brothers United
2:00 The Exonerated
3:00 Bands of the Beanpot Concert
6:00 Femina Shakes: Measure for Measure
7:00 BU Fringe New Play Initiative: Amputees
Monday, October 28
10:00 SE PhD Prospectus Defense of Wei Xiao
11:00 Classroom + Career: Drop-In Hours
11:30 The Role of Intersectionality in Our Work: Followup to Kimberlè Crenshaw
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
1:00 LLM Professional Development: How to Write a Cover Letter
3:30 ECE Colloquium Speaker - Mark D. Hill
3:30 Spring 2020 Registration Group Advising (COM first-year students on the BU Hub)
4:00 BU Votes Informational Meeting
4:00 Benedict Lecture: Critique of Civilization
4:00 Pumpkin Pie Day
4:00 Robert P. Benedict Lectures in the History of Political Philosophy: Lecture 1: Critique of Civilization
4:00 Single Payer Health Care: Aspirations and Realities
4:00 Tea Time
4:40 BU Undergraduate Linguistics Extravaganza
5:30 Book Club
5:30 Ecumenical Night Prayer
6:00 Community Dinner
6:00 String Departmental Recital
6:30 Elie Wiesel Memorial Lecture Series: "Writing from a Place of Survival" Sharon Portnoff
8:00 50 Cent Wings at Fuller's BU Pub
9:00 Flatwaffle Comedy Hour