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Wednesday, October 23
FDA Spoon by Domenic Esposito - Exhibition
10:00 BU Sec Seminar
11:00 BUMC New Research Orientation (NRO) Animal Facility Training Tour
11:00 Classroom + Career Drop In Hours
11:00 Classroom + Career: Drop-In Hours
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:00 The Role of Intersectionality in Our Work: Followup to Kimberlè Crenshaw
12:30 Guide-Star Atelier Session
3:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Annael Jonas-Paneth
3:00 GSI Seminar with Daniel Promislow, PhD
3:30 Spring 2020 Registration Group Advising (COM sophomores on the BU Hub)
3:30 The U.S. Census Bureau Tries to be a Good Data Steward in the 21st Century
4:00 “More Maculate Musings: New Wordplays in Aristophanes’ Lysistrata," Mark Janse
4:30 Boston Mathematics Education Colloquium
4:30 Center for Practical Theology Annual Lecture
4:30 On the Global Socioeconomic Context of Chronic Diseases
5:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
5:00 Trust but Verify: The Role of Cognitive Skills & the Media Environment (Fall 2019 Distinguished Lecture)
5:00 Wine, Cheese, And Charcuterie, With Adam Centamore
5:15 Ecumenical Service with Eucharist
6:00 CAS Major/Minor Fair
6:00 DC Info Session
6:00 Major Fair
6:00 TableTalk Pumpkin Painting
6:00 Women's Soccer vs. Holy Cross
6:30 The Europeans
6:30 The Exonerated
7:00 2019 University Lecture: The Quest for Ethical Solutions for the Global Refugee Crisis
7:30 BU Fringe New Play Initiative: Amputees
8:00 Sargent Choice Test Kitchen