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Tuesday, February 12
8:00 Moments In Time
8:30 Death and Dying: A Population Health Perspective
10:00 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Analysis of Large Datasets Using R’s Data.table
10:00 Strategic Planning Listening Session for Staff
11:00 Study Abroad Pop-Up: Questrom
11:30 Graduate Christian Fellowship
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:00 Grant Information Q&A
12:15 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to C++ Programming, Part One
2:00 Study Abroad Pop-Up: CAS
2:30 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to SAS
3:00 Create Space
3:30 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to SPSS
4:30 From Puppets to Apps, around Don Quixote - A Works in Progress Presentation by Benjamin Juarez
5:00 African Diaspora Dinner at Warren Towers
5:30 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Graphics Using Base R Packages
5:30 In Real Life: Will My Idea Work? Workshop
6:00 Global Dinner Club
6:00 Voice Departmental Recital CANCELLED
6:30 Pardee Works: The Roles Women are Playing in Advancing U.S. National Security
7:30 Visiting Artist: Emily Mae Smith
8:00 String Departmental Recital