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Monday, December 2
3:00 Is Eradicating AIDS Feasible?
4:30 Seeing Like a Rover: How Robots, Teams, and Images Craft Knowledge of Mars
6:00 Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture
6:30 String Chamber Concert
Tuesday, December 3
4:30 The Socialist and the Sacred: Monumental Spaces In and Out of North Korea
5:00 Latkapalooza
6:00 Men's Ice Hockey vs Harvard
6:00 Voice Department Recital
6:30 String Chamber Concert
Wednesday, December 4
4:00 Research on Tap: Accelerating the Energy Transition: Transformative Pathways to Decarbonization and Sustainability in the Next Decade
4:00 Time Management Workshop
5:00 Cooking With The Master: An Evening With Jaques Pepin
6:00 Home Alone Movie Screening
6:30 String Chamber Concert
8:00 Sargent Choice Test Kitchen
8:30 Baroque Chamber Music Concert
Thursday, December 5
12:00 UROP Spring 2020 Funding Deadline
11:00 The Feld Presents: Bites & Insights (Industry Highlight: Tech/Digital/Startups)
4:00 Visiting Chef Series: Jason Santos
5:00 Marsh Chapel Christmas Tree Trimming
5:30 Be Cozy
6:00 Disability 101
8:00 Bach Competition Winners' Concert
8:00 Crimes of the Heart: Stage Troupe