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Monday, December 3
4:00 Benedict Lecture
Tuesday, December 4
12:00 Faculty Development Seminar. "Bibliometrics: Measuring Your Scholarly Output and Impact." Speaker: David Flynn
4:15 Taiwan Forum: Taiwan’s Democracy, China’s Cross-Strait Policy, and United States Interests
Wednesday, December 5
12:00 BU ADC Lecture
2:00 Pharmacology Department Fall 2018 Seminar Series_ Valentina Perissi, Ph.D.
4:00 Benedict Lecture
5:00 IPR- Randall Auxier
5:00 The World as Person
Thursday, December 6
8:30 SPH DEAN'S SYMPOSIUM—Urban Health: State of the Science
8:30 Urban Health: State of the Science
2:00 Mind and Morality Lab
4:00 Ethics Seminar- Matthew Smith
5:30 Linguistics Colloquium: On Constructing Regional and Racial Identity: Investigating Stylistic Variation in Rochester, New York
5:30 Linguistics Colloquium: On constructing regional and racial identity: Investigating stylistic variation in Rochester, New York
Friday, December 7
12:00 Medical Grand Rounds "Can I Ignore that Urine Culture? Evidence-based De-implementation of Urine Testing and Treating" Presented by Kalpana Gupta, MD
3:00 CISE Seminar: Priya Nagpurkar, I.B.M. - T.J. Watson Research Center
4:00 Dept. Colloquium- Gabriel Greenberg
Monday, December 10
12:00 Microbiology Student Seminars: Eric Brownhill and Jaileene Hernandez Escalante
Wednesday, December 12
2:00 Pharmacology Department Fall 2018 Seminar Series_ Ahmad Khalil, Ph.D.
4:30 SPH PUBLIC HEALTH FORUM–The “Skinny” on Health Disparities among Asian Americans: Biological, Behavioral, and Social Determinants