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Wednesday, November 28
4:00 Re-Engineering Life: Tissue Engineering in Health and the Environment
5:00 Serpent Heart: Animality, Jealousy, and Transgression in Martha Graham’s Medea (Cave of the Heart)
6:30 Eating to Survive: Food on CB "Survivor"
Thursday, November 29
12:00 Faculty Development Seminar. "How To Get Promoted and CV Review." Speakers: Members of the BUSM Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee
1:00 Jessica MinDebartolo's Dissertation Seminar
Friday, November 30
1:00 Angel Rubio's Progress Report Seminar
1:00 Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science: 100 Years of Emmy Noether’s Theorems
1:00 CPHS- 100 Years of Emmy Noether's Theorems
3:00 CISE Seminar: Raimund Ober, Texas A&M University
4:00 Benedict Lecture
5:30 Breaking Boundaries (Tim DeLaGhetto, Kane Diep, & Kristina Wong)