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Conferences & Workshops

Tuesday, April 2
4:00 Assistive Technology Training Session
4:00 Mobile and Electronic Health ARC April Seminar
5:30 In Real Life: Let's Talk About Money Workshop
Thursday, April 4
2:00 Symposium on Women and Poetry in Premodern India
5:30 Venture Funding Series: How to Fund Your Social Venture
Friday, April 5
3:00 Coffee and Conversation: Trump 2020?
5:30 Deaf Space ft. Presenter Shira Grabelsky & Performers Selena Minogue and Casavina
Monday, April 8
4:30 ISE 2019 Spring Symposium Series: Robots, drones, and the internet of things: super cool technologies the utility of the future is using right now.
5:30 Special Education Speaker Series: Reducing Anxiety and Oppositional Behavior in the Classroom
Tuesday, April 9
12:00 Finding Ubuntu, the Youth Speak: An Exhibition of Collaborative Art
4:00 Ubuntu Arts Opening Reception
5:30 In Real Life: Communicating Your Idea Through "The Pitch" Workshop
Wednesday, April 10
10:15 Human Community and Perpetual Contact
1:00 Xolotl Software Training Session
5:30 Academic Success Workshop: The Academic Heat is On
5:30 Religion, Spirituality, and Politics: a Boston University Student-Faculty Forum
Thursday, April 11
3:00 Public Service Loan Forgiveness Workshop
3:30 Tea Time: Traveling While in College
Friday, April 12
1:00 Purpose Series: Evolving Your Purpose
3:00 Coffee and Conversation with Dean Elmore