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Conferences & Workshops

Monday, February 25
3:30 From Blackface to the Chinese Prom Dress Photo: Caricatures, Cultural Appropriation, and White Students. (Critical Conversations & Coffee)
6:00 BU Wheelock Public Dialogue Series: Educating Emergent Bilingual Learners with Disabilities (Session #2)
Tuesday, February 26
2:00 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to ImageJ
3:30 Being Your Best Self Workshop - Using Our Values to Inform Success
5:30 In Real Life: Communicating Your Idea Through "The Pitch" Workshop
5:30 Student-Faculty Forum: Politics in Arts, Arts in Politics
Wednesday, February 27
5:30 Academic Success Workshop: N-Etiquette - etiquette in the digital age
8:00 Black/s and Jew/s Then and Now
Thursday, February 28
6:00 Bianca Williams Presents on Happiness as a Political Project
6:00 Student Discovery Seminar - Hollywood Blacklist