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Wednesday, January 29
12:00 In Wilderness Is the Preservation of the World: Photography by Dan Wells
9:00 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Managing Projects on the SCC for LPIs
9:30 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to Perl, Part Two
10:30 Research Presentation by Kathy MinHye Kim: Exploring the Interface of Explicit and Implicit Second-Language Knowledge - Bridging Research and Pedagogy
11:00 Voter Registration Drive
11:30 BUrising: Focusing on Mental Health Wellbeing and Resilience
11:30 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Intermediate Usage of the SCC
12:00 Microbiology Seminar: Facundo Batista, PhD; Ragon Institute
12:00 The Hero’s Journey for Musicians: How to Create Real Career Traction [Webinar]
1:30 PPES Initiative: Money is Not a Weapons System
2:30 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Graphics Using Base R Packages
2:45 Wed@Hariri–Meet Our Fellows Series
3:00 Now is the Time: How to Increase the Public Value of Scientific Research, with Arthur Lupia of the National Science Foundation
4:00 FitRec Fun Day
4:00 Rhetoric and Reality: Women Voters Since Suffrage
4:00 Rhetoric and Reality: Women Voters Since Suffrage
4:30 From Theory to Practice: What It Takes to Permanently Exit an Individual from Homelessness
5:00 Artist Reception: In Wilderness Is the Preservation of the World: Photographs by Dan Wells
5:00 COM Study Abroad Express
5:00 Chinese Food Buffet - WELCOME BACK!
5:00 HAA Lecture, Emperor Taishō, Mass Media Monarch: Portraits and Popular Imagery in Twentieth-Century Japan, lecture by Prof. Alice Tseng
5:00 International Resumes v CVs
5:00 The Nasty Bits: A pop-Up Restaurant
5:15 Resident Sustainability Leader Info Session
6:00 Get Educated: On Healthcare
6:00 HAA Lecture Series- Professor Alice Y. Tseng
6:00 Men's Basketball vs. Loyola Maryland
8:00 Faculty Recital: Aldo Abreu, recorder
8:00 Sargent Choice Test Kitchen