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Thursday, December 5
12:00 UROP Spring 2020 Funding Deadline
11:00 The Feld Presents: Bites & Insights (Industry Highlight: Tech/Digital/Startups)
12:00 Practice Silence
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:00 Role of Trigger and Trauma in Our Work
12:45 Bioinformatics Sponsored Systems Biology Seminar
12:45 GRS Dissertation Defense of Bente Berg Shoen
1:00 Study Skills & Test Prep Workshop
2:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Nicholas Kinnaird
3:00 MechE PhD Dissertation Defense: Rachael Jayne
3:30 #COMColloquium: Technology to Support Family Caregivers
3:30 Technology to Support Family Caregivers
4:00 DevOps in Today's Industry
4:00 Fractal Dimension and Random Minimum Spanning Trees (Benjamin Schweinhart - Ohio State)
4:00 MISO's December De-Stress Event
4:00 Visiting Chef Series: Jason Santos
4:30 SE PhD Prospectus Defense of Majid Heidarifar
5:00 Mind, Body, and Spirit Yoga
5:00 Marsh Chapel Christmas Tree Trimming
5:00 Open Studio at the Documentation Studio
5:30 Be Cozy
5:30 Pardee Works: Careers in International Business and Entrepreneurship
6:00 Disability 101
8:00 Bach Competition Winners' Concert
8:00 Crimes of the Heart: Stage Troupe