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Tuesday, December 3
8:45 2019 Climate Change Workshop
10:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Chon Kit Pun
10:00 MechE PhD Dissertation Defense: Xiao Li
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:10 ECE Seminar Speaker - Qi Guo
3:00 Create Space
3:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Pranay Patil
3:30 Global Development Capstone Project Presentations
4:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Linda Nguyen
4:30 The Socialist and the Sacred: Monumental Spaces In and Out of North Korea
5:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Petra Niedermayerova
5:00 Global Dinner Club
5:00 Latkapalooza
5:30 Funded Internship Programs 101
6:00 Men's Ice Hockey vs Harvard
6:00 Voice Department Recital
6:30 String Chamber Concert
6:30 Study Abroad Info Session
Wednesday, December 4
11:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Ruslan Tazhigulov
11:45 Tai Chi
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Mary Mildred Stith
12:20 Archaeology Seminar Series: “Practical Flotation in the Field: How to Let the Water Do the Work”
1:00 Delish for Less: Nutritional Wellness Cooking Demo
1:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Daniel Arcaro
1:30 Red Flags: Assessing the Security Implications of China’s Economic Slowdown
2:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of David Joseph Shortens
3:00 GSI Seminar with Mary Goll, PhD
4:00 BU Research on Tap: Accelerating the Energy Transition
4:00 On Having Self-Knowledge while Lacking Self-Understanding
4:00 Research on Tap: Accelerating the Energy Transition: Transformative Pathways to Decarbonization and Sustainability in the Next Decade
4:00 Time Management Workshop
4:30 Pardee School End of Year Celebration
5:00 Cooking With The Master: An Evening With Jaques Pepin
5:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
5:00 Employer on Campus: Brooke Charter School Info Session
5:00 Virtual Graduate Information Session
5:15 Ecumenical Service with Eucharist
5:30 BU-MRS Reception for the Materials Science Community
6:00 BU Madrid Paella Night
6:00 HAA Lecture Series- “Inheriting the Pacific: Can Art History Think an Ocean?”
6:00 Home Alone Movie Screening
6:30 String Chamber Concert
8:00 Sargent Choice Test Kitchen
8:30 Baroque Chamber Music Concert