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Wednesday, November 6
9:00 Integrating Electric Mobility Systems with the Grid Infrastructure Workshop
10:00 MechE PhD Prospectus Defense: Bee Vang
11:00 BU Student Flu Clinic
11:00 City Year Employer Meet and Greet
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:15 A View of Two Worlds: New Archaeological Discoveries at Copan and a Comparative Perspective on Early States in Mesoamerica and China
12:15 Archaeology at Copan: A Comparative Perspective on Early States in Mesoamerica and China
12:30 Guide-Star Atelier Session
12:45 Tai Chi
3:00 Op-ed Writing and Pitching Workshop with The Conversation
3:30 “Disinformation in the Age of Social Media: A Foreign Influence Briefing”
4:00 HumaniTeas: Guest Speaker, James Johnson (History, BU)
4:30 Black Reparations: The ARC of Justice
5:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
5:15 Ecumenical Service with Eucharist
5:30 "Lenox Street: The Film" Screening And Conversation
5:30 Communications & Marketing Careers Information Exchange
6:00 ESO Vegan Dinner
6:00 Virtual Graduate Information Session
6:30 Prize-Winning Poet Naomi Shihab Nye: The Robert Lowell Memorial Lecture Series
7:30 Favorite Poem Project- Lowell Poetry Reading
8:00 Sargent Choice Test Kitchen