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Wednesday, September 11
Sign Ups for all ERC Services Open
9:00 Mock Interviews with Employers
10:00 Emerging Media Studies Fall 2019 Symposia: Individual Freedom Versus the Hidden Persuaders
10:00 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to Python, Part Two
10:00 Individual freedom versus the hidden persuaders: Preserving individual freedom in an age of socio-technical control via algorithmic rewards and punishment
10:30 Guide-Star Atelier Session
10:30 Study Abroad Expo
12:15 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to C++ Programming, Part Three
12:45 Tai Chi
1:00 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Data Wrangling in R
2:30 IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to Python, Part Two
3:30 Silicon Valley's Speech
4:00 Time Management Workshop
4:00 Understanding & Marketing Your Skills
5:00 AAUW Smart Start Salary Negotiation Workshop
5:00 COM Study Abroad Express
5:15 Ecumenical Service with Eucharist
5:30 Sunset Kayaking
6:00 International Student Ministry
6:00 Wednesday Knight at Fuller's BU Pub
6:00 Weeks of Welcome: LGBTQ+ Community Welcome Reception
8:00 Sargent Choice Test Kitchen