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Saturday, October 19
FDA Spoon by Domenic Esposito - Exhibition
8:00 hack/ED: Hacking Emergency Care
10:00 37th Annual Pass-in-Review
11:00 Fall & Rise: The Story of 9/11
1:00 Marching Band Home Show
2:00 Family and Friends Weekend: Open House
2:00 Interactive Town Hall Meeting with Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs Elizabeth Loizeaux and Associate Provost & Dean of Students’ Kenneth Elmore
8:00 Stage Troupe presents "Mamma Mia!"
Sunday, October 20
Apps Open for 11/20 Pitch & Pizza
FDA Spoon by Domenic Esposito - Exhibition
11:00 Dim Sum Brunch at West
1:00 Field Hockey vs. Princeton
Monday, October 21
FDA Spoon by Domenic Esposito - Exhibition
4:00 Tea Time
5:00 Sex in the Dark: A Glow-in-the-Dark Sexpert Panel
8:00 50 Cent Wings at Fuller's BU Pub
8:00 Faculty Recital: Richard Cornell, composition
Tuesday, October 22
FDA Spoon by Domenic Esposito - Exhibition
6:30 The Exonerated
3:00 Create Space
3:00 Social Work and the Health of Populations
4:00 Town Hall Meeting to Discuss New Center for Computing & Data Sciences
5:30 Martha Graham and Greek Tragedy: lecture and demonstration
5:30 Understanding Impeachment: a Boston University Student-Faculty Forum
6:00 At the Edge of a Warming World
6:30 Visiting Artist: Keltie Ferris
8:00 Faculty Recital: Boaz Sharon, piano