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Tuesday, September 17
12:00 LIVE: How have Trump’s proposed policy changes affected the work of immigration lawyers & those applying for US citizenship?
12:00 Women’s Political Empowerment A Century After the 19th Amendment: Reflections by Women Mayors
3:00 Create Space
4:00 Interviewing 101
4:00 Time Management Workshop
5:00 Fuller's BU Pub Trivia Tuesdays
5:00 Internship Search 101
5:00 Unlocking the Black Box of Business: BU Doctoral Student & PostDoc Workshop Series
7:30 Visiting Artist: Jibade-Khalil Huffman
Wednesday, September 18
11:00 Apple Cider & Donut Popup
4:30 Modern-Day Debtors’ Prisons: Race and Revenue Generation in Courts Across America
5:30 Idea Open-mic Nights
6:00 Employer On Campus: ClearView Health Partners
6:30 Elie Wiesel Memorial Lecture: "Writing from a Place of Survival" Rabbi Joseph Pollack
Thursday, September 19
11:00 2019 Sustainability Festival
11:00 The Wellbeing Project Launch Event
5:00 BU Wheelock Alumni Awards
6:00 Gitner Family CAS Lecture: The Promises, Responsibilities, and Challenges of Citizenship
6:00 Late Night Listens
Friday, September 20
12:00 Innovate@BU Info Sessions
12:30 Boston University Symphony Orchestra Lunchtime Concert
1:30 BU Clinical Student Flu Clinic
3:00 Coffee & Conversation
4:40 Weekly Workshop series: The Elevator Pitch
5:00 Hispanic Heritage Month
5:30 African American Studies Fall 2019 Welcome Reception
6:30 An Evening with Rel Dowdell