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Tuesday, April 9
8:00 Moments In Time
11:00 Red Sox Home Opener Lunch
12:00 Finding Ubuntu, the Youth Speak: An Exhibition of Collaborative Art
3:00 Create Space
5:00 Global Dinner Club
5:30 In Real Life: Communicating Your Idea Through "The Pitch" Workshop
Wednesday, April 10
2019 Health Equity Symposium
8:00 Moments In Time
10:15 Human Community and Perpetual Contact
4:00 Visiting Chef Series
5:00 Film: Becoming More Visible and Panel Discussion
5:30 Religion, Spirituality, and Politics: A Boston University Student-Faculty Forum
5:30 Religion, Spirituality, and Politics: a Boston University Student-Faculty Forum
8:00 Beethoven Center Concert
8:00 Sargent Choice Test Kitchen
Thursday, April 11
Should Robots Be Our Friends? Ethical and social scientific implications of the growing emotional engagement of humans with AI agents and robots.
8:00 Moments In Time
10:15 Should Robots be our Friends?
3:30 Tea Time: Traveling While in College
5:00 Mind, Body, and Spirit Yoga
6:30 US Jews and Israel: Are We Headed for Divorce?
7:00 Chocolate Sedar