Summer Workshop on Chemical Imaging 2023

“Photonics Center Summer Workshop on Chemical Imaging 2023”
June 22-23, 2023
Photonics Center, 8 Saint Mary’s St., Room 906, 9th Floor Boston, MA 02115
Event Host: Professor Ji-Xin Cheng

Event Description

This workshop aims to provide a platform for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty to learn chemical imaging technologies through lectures and lab practice. Invited speakers will present the most recent advances in the development and applications of chemical imaging platforms and probes. The newest laser and chemical microscope products will be introduced. Hands-on sessions will be offered.

Day 1: Frontiers in Chemical Imaging: Confirmed Academic Speakers (Photonics, Room 906)

  • Professor Daniela Buccella, New York University, “Chemical Imaging Probes” (Biography)
  • Professor Ji-Xin Cheng, Boston University, “Infrared Photothermal Microscopy” (Biography)
  • Professor Marcus Cicerone, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Broadband CARS” (Biography)
  • Professor Dan Fu, University of Washington, “SRS Microcopsy” (Biography)
  • Professor Irene Gerogakoudi, Tufts University, “Multimodal Chemical Imaging” (Biography)
  • Professor Darren Roblyer, Boston University, “Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging” (Biography)
  • Professor Lei Tian, Boston University, “Computational Imaging” (Biography)

Day 2: DIY Training (Photonics Center)

Three in-person parallel training sessions on fiber-OPO SRS imaging, spatial frequency domain imaging, and mid-infrared photothermal imaging on a mIRage microscope, followed by a joined session on chemical image analysis. The maximum number of trainees will be 24.


Registration (Registration for Day 2 is closeD)

Sponsors: Horiba, Refined Lasers, Photothermal Spectroscopic Corp, Vibronix Inc., The Boston University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Boston University strives to be accessible, inclusive, and diverse in our facilities, programming and academic offerings. Your experience in this event is important to us. If you have a disability (including but not limited to learning or attention, mental health, concussion, vision, mobility, hearing, physical or other health related), require communication access services for the deaf or hard of hearing, or believe that you require a reasonable accommodation for another reason please contact Beth Mathisen,, to discuss your needs. Please request accommodations by: April 27, 2023.