Shared Lab Training

If you are interested in getting trained to use specific equipment in the shared laboratories: Optoelectronic Processing Facility (OPF), Precision Measurement Laboratory (PML) and the FIB/TEM Facilities (FTF) of the Photonics Center, please use the following procedure:

  • Provide proof that you have taken General Lab Safety Training and that the training is up to date. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety offers some in person training, but for BU affiliates, using RIMS is preferred. Laboratory safety training needs to be updated every 12 months.
  • Contact the individual lab manager to arrange an initial consultation:
    Shared Lab Lab Manager Email Phone
    OPF Paul Mak 617-353-8869
    PML Anlee Krupp 617-353-9044
    FTF/PML (CARY 5000 & FTIR) Alexey Nikiforov 617-353-9045
  • Once the lab manager is contacted, either an initial consultation will be arranged or the user will be asked to fill out a research goal form describing the intended application and providing information on:
    • the nature and goal(s) of your research
    • the process you use or intend to use to prepare your samples
    • what you expect to gain from using the specific instrument
    • the duration of your research/use of the instrument and how often you expect to use it
    • faculty and/or company affiliation
  • After initial consultation or research goal form submitted, training by the lab manager, a qualified user of the instrument or video training will be provided.
  • During training, a qualified user must be with you, by the instrument, at all times while you are learning to operate it. You are not permitted to use the instrument alone before being officially qualified.
  • After the training, you must demonstrate to the lab manager that you can operate the instrument independently by passing a self-user qualifier, if applicable. You will then become a qualified user of the instrument and room access will be granted to you through the on-line Zaius Room Access System.

NOTE: Instrument specific training policies and procedures are available here.