Photonics Center PhD Student Community

The Boston University Photonics Center has a vibrant and engaged community of PhD students.  Photonics Center PhD students are a community of doctoral students from a wide range of departments who use Photonics in their research, including areas of Biophotonics; Lasers, Nonlinear Optics, and Quantum Photonics; Nanophotonics; Neurophotonics; and Photonics Materials and Devices.  Photonics PhD students are part of an innovative and close-knit community working alongside world-renowned faculty in advanced facilities and faculty laboratories to develop pioneering, photonics and optics-based solutions at a leading international hub for research and education. In the course of their study and research, our PhD students participate in extensive learning and networking events, furthering their education and preparing them for exciting post-graduate careers in industry, research, and academia.

Apply to a BU PhD Program and gain eligibility to be a Photonics Center PhD student

Photonics Center PhD students pursue degrees in their home departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Materials Science and Engineering, Neuroscience, and more. Doctoral students enrolled in a BU doctoral program, are eligible to be a Photonics Center PhD student, and have access to an exciting array of benefits and resources.

The Photonics Center Graduate Student Initiative Committee is a faculty and staff committee that was appointed to ensure we have programming and activities that will support a vibrant and engaged community of faculty, staff, and graduate students. Reach out to the Graduate Education Committee with questions.


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