Photonics Center Trainee Benefits and Resources

Travel Awards
Photonics Research Trainees will be eligible to apply for up to $1,000 travel awards to attend conferences, in person or remotely. Please note: Beginning in 2022, Photonics Center travel awards will only be available for Photonics Research Trainees.

Herbert J. Berman “Future of Light” Award
Photonics Research Trainees will be eligible for Berman “Future of Light” Awards for outstanding posters at Photonics events.

Photonics Research Trainees will have new opportunities for group discussions, socials, and networking.

Professional Development Opportunities
Photonics Research Trainees will gain experience and meet leaders in their field while planning Annual Photonics Symposia, seminars, and career events.

Photonics Bootcamp including Science Communications Training
Photonics Research Trainees will participate in a foundational workshop held every July, with basic photonics training for new students and science communications training for all.

Helpful Resources and Links

PhD Student Funding 

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Societies and Clubs

Participate in various societies and clubs at BU to meet other students in mutual areas of interest.

Career Development

Photonics Center Business Innovation Center