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Lei Tian & Research Team Published in Optica Publishing Group

Recently, Assistant Professor Lei Tian, alongside student researchers Qianwan Yang, Ruipeng Guo, Guorong Hu, Yujia Xue, and Yunzhe Li, published a paper in the Optica Publishing Group. The article, entitled “Wide-field, high-resolution reconstruction in computational multi-aperture miniscope using a Fourier neural network,”  describes their Computational Multi-Aperture Miniscope, SV-FourierNet, which contains “a novel solution to current […]

New Science Advances Article from Xin Zhang, Stephen Anderson, et al.

Anatomy-specific radio frequency receive coil arrays routinely adopted in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for signal acquisition are commonly burdened by their bulky, fixed, and rigid configurations, which may impose patient discomfort, bothersome positioning, and suboptimal sensitivity in certain situations. Herein, leveraging coaxial cables’ inherent flexibility and electric field confining property, we present wireless, ultralightweight, coaxially […]

Hadi Nia Published in PNAS Nexus April Issue

This April, Center faculty members Hadi Nia published “Alteration of mechanical stresses in the murine brain by age and hemorrhagic stroke” in the PNAS Nexus journal. Their research works towards a better understanding of residual mechanical stresses in the brain. Also known as solid stresses, mechanical stresses develop when brain tissues grow rapidly, such as […]

Ben Scott Published in Cell Reports

Professor Ben Scott et al. were recently published in Cell Reports for their article: “In vivo imaging in transgenic songbirds reveals superdiffusive neuron migration in the adult brain”

David Boas Publication Highlighted as Optica Editors’ Pick

Chosen for their Jan. 4, 2024 publication in Biomedical Optics Express, Boas et al.’s work on “Dynamic light scattering and laser speckle contrast imaging of the brain: theory of the spatial and temporal statistics of speckle pattern evolution” was chosen for its “excellent scientific quality and [representation] of the work taking place in a specific […]