Photonics Center Bike Room Access

If you would like to use the Photonics Center building bike room located adjacent to the Babbitt St. entrance of the building, please visit: We ask that you register your bicycle or scooter through BU’s online registration portal. Once you receive your BU bike sticker and place it on your bike or scooter, please go to the Zaius room access system and select “PHO Bike Room.” In the comment field, in addition to indicating your current status (Faculty, BIC Tenant, Graduate Student, etc.), please also include your BU Bike ID. We ask that you adhere to BU’s bike room policy that can be found on that same page.

The Photonics Center building bike room is meant for daily storage, while you are in the building, not for overnight or extended storage. Bikes or scooters without a sticker and those left for extended periods of time, may be removed even if the owner cannot be contacted.