Malvin Teich Publishes New Book on LED Lighting

Malvin Carl TeichProfessor emeritus at Boston University and at Columbia University, recently published a book entitled LED Lighting: Devices and Colorimetry (Google Books, 2024). A free copy of the book can be downloaded from
This follows the appearance of the Third Edition of his textbook Fundamentals of Photonics in 2019 (Wiley, with B. E. A. Saleh) and the publication of his text Fractal-Based Point Processes in 2005 (Wiley, with S. B. Lowen).
His recent research in the physical sciences has been in the area of quantum photonics, particularly the noise properties of photon sources, and the properties and applications of entangled-photon pairs. In computational neuroscience, his efforts have centered on the fractal behavior of neurotransmitter exocytosis and optic-nerve-fiber action potentials, as well as on heart-rate variability.
He is currently working on a new book in the area of detection theory in hearing and vision.

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