Darren Roblyer to Lead New SPIE Journal

Professor Roblyer will be serving as the editor-in-chief of SPIE‘s latest journal, “Biophotonics Discovery (BIOS),” beginning publication in early 2024. The journal will serve as an outlet for new and advancing technologies, research, and findings within the biophotonics field, a burgeoning subdivision of both biology and photonics.

This is publication also serves as an outlet through which to cover application-specific topics and conferences which have not yet had the promotion other subjects have. Roblyer will hand-pick an editorial team consisting of leaders in the field and emerging scholars.

The publication will be waived of fees throughout 2024, and may be accessed through the SPIE Digital Library.

Read more here: https://spie.org/news/spie-launches-new-journal-biophotonics-discovery?SSO=1

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