Sculpting Light in Space

Principal Investigator: Siddharth Ramachandran

Project Description

Light beams that are non-Gaussian in shape have found a variety of applications in physics, engineering and biology. Their unique properties include the ability to carry orbital angular momentum and the ability to self-heal. Their use in any physical system must, however, contend with the fact that they are not naturally occurring ubiquitous states of light (most beams look like a Gaussian-shaped spot).

In this project, we will develop new tools, using the principles of diffractive and dispersive optics, to develop devices that can generate, switch between, and spatially as well temporally manipulate such “structured beams.” The challenge will be to create devices that provide the desired functionality at low loss, low cost, and over any color and pulse width, on-demand.


Havva Begum Kabagoz

2023 Timeline

Week 1: Theory and design learning
Week 2: Theory and design implementation
Week 3-4: Experimental testing of idea
Week 5-6: Wrap up data taking and prepare poster/presentation.