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July 5, 2018

Students emerged into a new whole world which was Nanotechnology. Rachael Jayne and Victoria Wiedorn assisted REU students teaching them about 3D laser lithography system, Photonic Professional GT by Nanoscribe sets 3D microprinting and maskless lithography. Rachel printed several structures which were all around 100-300 um in diameter and less than 300 um tall. In combination with the software package, the system is embedded best along the 3D printing workflow and offers a high degree of automation for direct manufacturing. In addition, the Photonic Professional GT allows for the fabrication of high-resolution photomasks and other direct write applications.

After this session, students went to observe the 3D laser structures using the SEM (Scan Electron Microscope). The SEM is a type of electron microscope that produces images of a sample by scanning the surface with a focused beam of electrons. The ability to be able to observe structures of the size of a human hair is what amazed every student during the session.

IMG_9570 IMG_9571 IMG_9572 IMG_9573IMG_9442 IMG_9444 IMG_9447 IMG_9451

July 2, 2018

The REU students group had the opportunities to present and introduce their research projects to the faculties and mentors.

IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1179 IMG_1184 IMG_1198 IMG_1203 IMG_1204 IMG_1208

June 28, 2018

Another REU students group had a tour at the BU Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC).

IMG_9415 IMG_9416

June 26, 2018

REU students had a tour at the BU Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC). Kara Mogensen, the supervisor of this lab, provided details about the 3D prototyping and additive manufacturing tools that this center has. Also, Kara demonstrated fabrication facilities, materials testing, project management software, 3-D printers, robotics and laser processing equipment. The best part was when the students had the opportunity to get 3D printed their designs and took those new sculptures with them.

IMG_1058 IMG_1085 IMG_1104 IMG_1117 IMG_1124 IMG_1126

June 21, 2018

Another group of students from NSF REU donned full safety regalia to work on the Deposition and Lift Off processes. Check out their amazing works!

IMG_0949 IMG_0957 IMG_0966 IMG_0970 IMG_0978 IMG_0996 IMG_1007 IMG_1032

June 20, 2018

Antonio and Ivanna were up on the roof adjusting the mirror for the diffraction grating on the 7th floor with Dr. Bifano.


June 19, 2018

Students from NSF REU donned full safety regalia to work on the Deposition and Lift Off processes. The Deposition process was performed using the CHA Evaporator System. The students coated their wafers from the week before with one layer of Titanium and then Gold. Then the Lift Off process took place. The silicon wafer was placed into a biker with acetone and using a sonicator, the gold was removed from the desired areas and leave only the design chosen by the students.

IMG_0759 IMG_0795 IMG_0810 IMG_0826 IMG_0839 IMG_0848 IMG_0855 IMG_0872 IMG_0883 IMG_0927

June 12, 2018

The first group of REU participants spent the morning in the Class 100 Cleanroom in the Optoelectronics Processing Facility (OPF), spinning wafers and exposing them with masks that they made for the session.

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June 10, 2018

On Sunday, the REU participants enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in the 70’s walking through historic sites in Boston on our annual Freedom Trail walk. This was our first group to make it to the Bunker Hill Monument. It was Finley’s 2nd summer walking the trail with his newly found group of friends from all over the country!

freedom trail Freedom Trail

June 5, 2018

The Boston University Photonics Center NSF REU INM welcomed our students who participated in our introductory orientation day. After an overview of the REU program including responsibilities, challenges, and outcomes, lab safety training, chemical handling in the Optoelectronic Processing Facility and Laser Safety Training were all covered. Faculty and graduate student mentors worked with their REU participants to plan out the summer’s research goals and milestones as the mentors introduced each participant’s project and how it relates to the lab’s research outcomes.

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