Development of High-Force Pneumatic Soft Robot Actuators

Principal Investigator: Dr. Andrew Sabelhaus

Project Description

This project will involve adapting a pneumatic (air pressure) system to create motion for soft robots. The Soft Robotics Control Lab currently uses electric artificial muscles for our soft robot arms, but we would like to adopt pneumatic valves and chambers for a comparison against our methods. Work will involve modifying our CAD designs and 3D printing molds for casting robots out of soft rubbery polymers. The project will also adapt off-the-shelf valves and control circuitboards to pressurize the robots.


Juan Carlos Pacheco Garcia

2023 Timeline

Week 1-4: Lab training, fabricate current state-of-the-art design, brainstorm solutions, design study, purchase off-the-shelf equipment. Initial design concept.
Week 5-8: CAD of initial design concept. Prototype and fabricate robot designs, anticipating multiple revisions required.
Week 9-10: Testing designs for range of motion, reporting results.