2023 REU/RET Poster Session

Thursday, August 10, 2023, 2-4PM
BU Photonics Center, 9th Floor Atrium
Light refreshments will be served

Photonics REU/RET Posters
NSF RET Site in Integrated Nanomanufacturing:
Sara Anees (Leuko & Bifano): Engineered Heart Tissue Scaffold Design for Long Term Mechanical Stimulation
Benjamin Auer (Ling): Atomic Substitution of 2D WS2: Exploring Thickness Dependent Reactivity and Preventing Decomposition
Ethan Hathaway (Leuko & Bifano): Continuous Nutrient Supply for Engineered Tissues
Jordan Jones (Bishop): Characterizing the Transport Properties of Graphene/hBN Heterostructure Devices Using the Hall Effect

Danielle Joubran (Boley): Molecular Control of Chemically Coalescing Liquid Metal Emulsions
Majeste Kyei-Amponsah (Coalesenz): Characterization of iCoagLAB Hemostasis Sensing Analyzer Performance and Design
Alix Wagner (Ranzani): Improved Teleoperation for Soft Robot Control in Beating Heart Surgery
Ashlynne Xavier (StataDX): Enhancing biosensor sensitivity using magnetic nanoparticles

NSF RET Site in Integrated Nanomanufacturing:
Christopher Alba (Ranzani): Soft Robotic Platform for Beating Heart Procedures
Janira Arocho (StataDX): Antibody Pair Selection for Electrochemical Biosensing
Paul Kasili (Bifano): High Throughput Screening of Cardiomyopathy in 3D Engineered Tissues
Marla Rhuma (Boley): Automated Hybrid Manufacturing of Electrical Objects

NSF Engineering Research Center for Cellular Metamaterials REU:
Maxwell Barrueta (Bifano): Making Heart Tissue Dance
Akhila Johny (Chen): Controlling Mass Transport in Organ-on-a-chip Devices
Madison Nieves (Chen): Characterizing SynNotch Receptors to Drive Vascularization for Improved Cardiac Regeneration 

NSF Engineering Research Center for Cellular Metamaterials RET:
Nahuel Acosta (Bishop): Natural Frequency Tracking of a Harmonic Oscillator
Teri Allery & Ann Vallie (Bifano): Poster title coming soon

BU Materials Science & Engineering:
Hannah Reiner (Grinstaff): Optimizing Lipid Nanoparticle Formulations for in vitro T Cell Transfection
Elenis Vergara (Russo): Manufacturing and Simulation for Soft Rigid Hybrid Robot

BU Photonics Undergraduate Research Summer Undergraduate Experience:
Gia Azcoitia (Ramachandran): Utilizing Spatio-Temporal Transformations to Make Faster Imaging Systems
Sharayu Shrinivas (Roblyer): Characterizing Orientation with Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) for Improved Assessment of Skin Involvement in Scleroderma
Jack Tomkiewicz (Mertz): Not to Burst Your Bubble: Multipulse Imaging of Lipid Microbubbles

Chemistry REU Posters:
Hania Bandzou-Pedila: Biochemical characterization of ferredoxins from methane producing archaeon Methanosarcina acetivorans
Rachel Chubb: Synthesis of the BDF TIPS Core for OSCs
Luke Clemens: Simulating redox potential of hemes in NeCcP: the effect of propionic group protonation
Leah Coffey: Synthesis of deconstructed rocaglates via benzofuranone
Udya Dewanamuni: Synthesis and methodology of novel polymeric materials
Nyla Gilmore: Studies towards structural elucidation of CMLD007333
Minahil Gul: Synthesis of IGGi-11 Derivatives for Photoaffinity Labelling
Emily Hansen: A Stable Photoacoustic Nanotransducer for Neuron Stimulation
Diana Hernandez: Development of Antileishmanial Chemotypes
Grant Spencer: Development of Chiral Cattions in a Vanadium(V) Catalyst

Physics REU Posters:
Dean Boecher: Temporal Dark Field Imaging with a 5 Trillion per Second Camera
Lauren Frank: Student attitudes of simulation-based lab experiments in introductory physics classes
Samuel Fulton: Quantum Bio-Sensing
Isaul Garcia: Dashboard Development for New Timing Detector in CMS
Naomi Gonzalez: Electronics Development on Endcap Timing Layer for CMS
Alyssa Matthews: Controlling Parasitics in Pickup Coil for NMR
Benjamin Miera: Phonon DFT Calculation for NiPS3 Crystals
Grace Pettis: Wrinkling of Poly(4-Vinylpyridine) Thin Films After Ion Bombardment
Julia Ryshkewitch: Fiber Ribbon as a Trigger Mechanism for the Directional Source of the EOS Hybrid Detector
Andrew Solomon: Characterizing and Differentiating Cell Species using Electrical Capacitance Tomography
Jonathan Thomas: Optimizing the Discovery of Flexoelectric Sensors