Undergraduate Philosophy Association

Boston University’s Undergraduate Philosophy Association meets to conduct informal and exciting discussions of a wide range of philosophical issues. Meetings are moderated by a member who chooses a topic – the range of which has been everything from morality to artificial intelligence. We also hold interesting and unconventional philosophical talks hosted by different professors, graduate students, and in collaboration with different groups. Open to anyone with an inclination for pondering.

Feel free to drop by our weekly meeting every Wednesday at 7:30PM in STH 541.

The Undergraduate Philosophy Association is pleased to announce the creation of Arche, the Boston University Undergraduate Philosophy Journal. The first issue was published in the fall 2006. Visit http://www.bu.edu/arche for more information.

For more information please contact BostonUPA@gmail.com

Facebook: Undergrad Philosophy Association

Creative Talks

The goal of this organization is to synthesize the knowledge of students AND professors with technical backgrounds with that from other fields in order to widen everyone’s understanding.

We usually meet once per month to conduct friendly and productive discussions of a wide variety of topics from astronomy, to AI, to environmental issues. Our main focus is to investigate the effect of these studies on our lives and the direction we are going in as a species.

All perspectives, backgrounds, and levels of experience are welcome!

To join us on facebook, please request memebrship here.

See Calendar for upcoming events.

The next meeting will be on Friday Feb 20th, time is TBA.