It Can Be Fun

Personal Value

Philosophy asks the big, important questions that everybody wonders about. It also gives you the tools to make sense of those questions, and maybe even find an answer.

For example:

And, generally, when people are exposed to philosophy, no matter who they are or what they do for work, they find something of value.

Fellow Philosophers

Who majored in philosophy? Filmmakers, presidents, CEOs, teachers, lawyers, you name it: see the fascinating list online here.


To me Philosophy is simply sanity. It is what keeps me alive and going day to day. I can count on it to keep me occupied, yet at the same time free. It invades my mind and does not let me settle down or become complacent. I am constantly forced to question and rethink certain concepts that I take for granted. The turbulent state that Philosophy puts me in excites me and shows me different perspectives. Yet, it is also comforting when I find that others out there have thoughts and beliefs similar to my own. The knowledge that I gained through the vehicle of Philosophy is something that I could and would never trade for anything else in return. It keeps me critical, creative, and happy. What more could I ask for?

– Nami Shin, CAS 2015

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