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Boston University
Department of Philosophy
745 Commonwealth Avenue, 5th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
Phone: 617.353.2571
Department e-mail:

Department Chair: Professor Daniel O. Dahlstrom
Phone: 617.353.4583 | E-mail:

Associate Chair: Professor Walter Hopp
Phone: 617.358.3620 | E-mail:

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Professor Marc Gasser-Wingate
Phone: 617.358.2778 | E-mail:

Director of Graduate Studies: Professor Paul Katsafanas
Phone: 617.353.4581 | E-mail:

Director of Graduate Admissions: Professor Daniel Star
Phone: 617.358.2293 | E-mail:

Department Administrator: Cory Willingham
Phone: 617.353.2572 | E-mail:

Senior Program Coordinator: Claudia Valenti
Phone: 617.353.2571 | E-mail: