Welcome home, Alumni! Below are resources for giving, connecting, remembering, and more.

The Department Chair’s Letter to Alumni

An invaluable archive of addresses from the chair of the department to the esteemed alumni, updating the department’s community present and past on challenges, successes, and departmental goals. Learn more.

The Karbank Challenge for Alumni

If the academic study of philosophy is to have a real-world impact, then it must also have real-world support. Steven Karbank follows this creed in his establishment of the Karbank Fellowship for undergraduate students, and alumni can take part, too. Learn more.

Commencement Addresses

An archive of previous guest, student, and faculty addresses delivered at our annual commencement ceremony. Learn more.

Alumni Letters

Beloved alumni over the history of the department have weighed in on their time studying philosophy with the department, their challenges and goals, and the effect of philosophy on life since graduation. Learn more.

Boston University Alumni & Friends

Whether you’re looking to reconnect or grow your career, support BU’s mission, or learn about the impact of giving, Alumni & Friends is your resource. Connect, check out communities, career services, events, and more. Learn more.


The Department of Philosophy is grateful for any and all support offered through giving. There are many ways to support the growth of a university and be a part of helping new students, programs, and opportunities to flourish. We are grateful that you’ve chosen to give to us!

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