Grad Student Lewis Wang and Dept. Chair Sally Sedgwick to Present Papers at UK Kant Society Conference

The Department is pleased to share that current graduate student Lewis Wang and Professor & Department Chair Sally Sedgwick have been selected to present papers at the UK Kant Society’s conference this September in London, titled “The Revolutionary Kant”.

The UKKS, founded in 1994 by Graham Bird, “exists to encourage the study of all aspects of the philosophy of Immanuel Kant,” they write, “including relations to his historical predecessors, successors, as well as Kantian influence in contemporary philosophy.” On the first day of the conference, Professor Sedgwick will present “Consolations of World History: Kant Versus Hegel” as the conference’s Graham Bird Memorial Lecture. Lewis will present his paper, “Can We Know the Existence of Things in Themselves, Professor Kant?” on the second day of the conference. They will be joined by other speakers such as Sorin Baiasu (Keele University), Alix Cohen (University of Edinburgh), James O’Shea (University College Dublin), and more. Click here to learn more about the conference. 

Lewis Wang is a fourth-year graduate student whose research focuses on Kant, Hegel, political philosophy, and aesthetics. Professor Sally Sedgwick is also our Department Chair, and her main areas of research are the practical and theoretical philosophies of Kant and Hegel.

Congratulations, Lewis and Professor Sedgwick!