Grad Student Federica Bocchi Selected for 2022 Abner Shimony Prize

The Department is thrilled to congratulate graduate student Federica Bocchi for winning the Abner Shimony Prize this year.

The Abner Shimony Prize is a permanently endowed fund named for Professor Emeritus Abner Shimony that provides annual awards to one or more undergraduate or graduate students of the College of Arts & Sciences. The student is awarded the prize for an exemplary project or paper on an important issue in the philosophy of science and/or environmental philosophy and demonstrates the interdisciplinary thinking necessary to solve complex socio-economic impacts on the environment.

The Abner Shimony Prize Committee selected Federica for her superb work on the project, “Philosophy of Biodiversity and Conservation”.  Federica is a Ph.D. student interested in philosophy of science, metaphysics, and Feminist philosophy. Her dissertation project, under the supervision of Prof. Alisa Bokulich, focuses on the concept and measurement of biodiversity as well as rethinking conservation according to a Feminist perspective. Federica is also BU’s MAP  (minorities and philosophy) representative. She holds a Masters in Philosophy from Università di Parma (Italy), where she still organizes events with the local MAP chapter and the association APS Vita Activa.

Congratulations, Federica!