Philosopher/Faculty Summer Edition: Susanne Sreedhar

Summer is that sweet, coveted time between semesters that we all look forward to so much: the chance to finally do all the things we couldn’t get to during the academic year. For our faculty, it’s the opportunity to temporarily set aside the many hats they wear during the semesters as professors, advisors, mentors, and administrators; it’s their opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved time as philosophers in the field.

Faculty members in the Department of Philosophy are expected to continue their work as philosophers as well as their professorial responsibilities, and this means conducting research, writing, presenting their work, and collaborating/engaging internationally with the philosophy community and with their areas of research. The summer is the perfect time to get right to it, and that means that many of our faculty are pursuing their philosophical work in a variety of ways. This series will follow a few of them as they pursue philosophy across the world this summer!

Susanne Sreedhar

Professor Susanne Sreedhar is currently in London attending a workshop on John Locke’s Political Philosophy. This workshop takes place just a few weeks after Professor Sreedhar returned from leave: she was a fellow at the Newhouse Center for the Humanities at Wellesley College during the 2021-2022 academic year undertaking work on her next book, provisionally titled Hobbes on Sex (forthcoming, Oxford University Press).

You can also learn more about her research, publications, and philosophical work on her website.

Professor Sreedhar takes over as Director of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program on July 1st, and as a result, will continue her philosophical explorations in Boston for the rest of the summer. Congratulations on the new position, new book, and exciting things ahead, Professor!