Grad Student Marie Le Blevennec has Article Published in European Journal of Philosophy

The Department wants to wish a big congratulations to Marie Kerguelen Le Blevennec on her recent achievement: an article she wrote was published in the European Journal of Philosophy!

Marie’s article, “The Genealogy as a Contribution to a Natural History of Morals”, was published digitally on May 19th. Her abstract states:

Nietzsche’s readers are often tempted to look for his critique of morality in On the Genealogy of Morality. However, I will argue that the Genealogy does not contain Nietzsche’s critique of morality, nor was it intended by Nietzsche to contain his critique. Rather, the Genealogy is Nietzsche’s attempt to develop crucial parts of what he calls a natural history or typology of morals, which he considers to be a descriptive project meant to serve as preparation for a critique of values. More precisely, the Genealogy serves as preparation for a critique of moral values in three ways: it (1) traces the historical development of Judeo-Christian moral values in a way that (2) enables diagnosis of their psychological effects on various types of people, and of the physiological traits and states of which those values are symptoms. In turn, this vital factual information is needed by Nietzsche so that he can (3) compare Judeo-Christian values to other values. 1–3 are purely descriptive, and they make possible a further, evaluative project Nietzsche does not undertake in the Genealogy itself, namely, his critique of those values by determining their place in a new rank ordering of values (i.e., Umwertung or revaluation of values).”

Click here to read Marie’s article. 

Congratulations, Marie!