Philosophy Grad Students Selected for Research Assistance at BU Center for Antiracist Research

The Department is proud to celebrate two of our Ph.D. candidates, Leticia Castillo Brache and Casey Grippo, who have been selected to serve as Research Assistants for the BU Center for Anti-Racist Research.

Since January 2022, Leticia and Casey have worked with Professor Jasmine Gonzales Rose, a professor at the School of Law. Professor Gonzales Rose is “a critical proceduralist,” according to her profile on the Center’s website, “and is particularly interested in the intersections of racism and linguicism within two areas: juries and evidence. She is a leading criticalist voice on Evidence Law, with a focus on the evidentiary issues raised by racialized police violence. She is also an expert on juror language disenfranchisement.” Leticia and Casey’s roles as Research Assistants to Professor Gonzales Rose will play a part in helping her understand the philosophical side of how epistemic injustice plays out in a courtroom setting.

“This opportunity is really exciting personally,” shared Casey, “because it’s nice to help apply theoretical philosophy to real-life scenarios and potentially aid in advancing antiracism in those scenarios.”

Leticia agreed, adding that philosophy as a whole “can get very abstract, and it becomes hard to see how our work relates to real-life scenarios. However, with the work we are doing with Professor Gonzales Rose I feel very connected to important contemporary issues. It’s also very exciting to be part of the community that the Center has created since we all have at least one mutual goal.”

For more information on the BU Center for Antiracist Research and their important work, click here.

Congratulations, Casey and Leticia!